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Food Chain Partnership
Setting bases for a healthy nutrition.
Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the need for healthy nutrition. Food chain partnerships help to supply consumers with high quality fresh produce, which forms the basis of a healthy diet. This is not just tangible quality criteria like taste and appearance of fruit that are important, but also consumer confidence that the produce is safe and produced according to the highest environmental standards. But such protocol can only succeed if they involve every player in the food chain - from the farmer, the exporter, the importer and the retailer.

Frutas Esther , S.A. and Bayer Crop Science have cutting-edge expertise to conduct this concept of partnership at every level, therefore we have made work successfully since 2007.

Sustainability + Traceability + Quality = Added value for every partner in the food chain.

Region of Murcia, clean farming.
Plan for the fitosanitary improvement of table grape.

Program Objectives:

  • Efficient control of pests and crop diseases by biological or biotechnological priority.
  • Encourage the minimum use of pesticides, especially from veraison to maturity.
  • Reduce the number of active substances in crop residues.
  • Ensure that if there is crop residue, are always below the maximum residue limit permitted.
  • Produce higher quality grapes and more secure.